Property Tax Assessments

Property Tax Assessments in Michigan 2016

Based on Current law did you know your homes taxable value in Michigan can increase each year by either the rate of inflation or 5% whichever is lower?

How to appeal your property assessment:

  1. Obtain a Copy of your property tax worksheet or appraisal card.
  2. Check worksheet for errors.
  3. 2016 taxable value not to have an increase that exceeded .3 percent
  4. Inspect your home. You can get repair estimates and photo of structural damage and defects
  5. Changes in the Neighborhood. Characteristics of your neighborhood have changed.
  6. Recent purchased or refinanced your home. Determine whether your purchase price or your appraisal is lower than two times your SEV
  7. Inform assessor about any personal property included in the sale price …detailed in purchase agreement.
  8. Compare your home to similar homes in the area that have sold.
  9. Submit an appeal to the local board.
  10. If still not satisfied you can write a letter or petition to Michigan Tax Tribunal, P.O  Box 30232, Lansing Mi 48909.  Forms available
  11. Contact the tribunal at 517-636-7551 for petition requirements.  Info from Ray Franz newsletter.

Property Tax Definitions

Taxable Value:  the value your taxes are based.  Taxable value not to exceed SEV and can not go up more than the rate of inflation or 5% whichever is less.

True Cash Value TCV :  The actual value of your home, as determined by the local assessor.

State Equalized Value SEV:  50% of the actual value of your home.